Our Team

Douglas English

Founded Open Door Valet, LLC in 2009. CEO. Specializes in Valet training & development. Also serves as Manager of Operations. 10 years experience has never scratched a car. True affinity for the craft of valet parking systems. “Valet parking has brought much success into my life, I am very grateful and give it my all every time I do a service, with joy.”

Christopher Hrabar

Serving as Vice President & CFO of Open Door Valet. Chris graduated from Rutgers University in 2010 with a B.A. in Philosophy. He worked as a Middle School Reading Teacher and Basketball Coach for 5 years in Florida before returning to New Jersey with his wife and two children. “I love the time and freedom that I’m afforded by working with ODV”

Jonathan Grinshpun

Jon like a lot of Team ODV has an affinity for cars. Restaurant & Hotel Valet specialist. “I like working for Open Door Valet because it’s a great group of guys with high goals and aspirations for the valet business”

Kayode Ayeni

Great customer service skills and interaction with kids. Very friendly and lovable character. Graduated from Rutgers University with a degree in Economics! Awesome addition to #TeamODV and the parking systems solutions!

Eyad Kabbani

Affinity for vehicles & driving. Great customer service skills. Served as supervisor at Eno Terra in Kingston.

Markian Kobuley

Valet Specialist at The Drake Tavern. Excellent driver with a strong affinity for vehicles, customer service, and parking systems.

Vitaliy Pryimych

Drives a beautiful BMW 3 series. Strong affinity for vehicles. Father is a professional body work mechanic.

Andrew Deiter

ODV for 5 years. Great experienced valet. Very friendly will be eager to help you in any way he can!

Chris Serano

Excellent customer service, vehicle handling, and executive valet experince in parking systems. Chris will be happy to help you with you parking!