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ODV - Passport

Your Guide to a New Life


Be Advised...

This is not a job. You are not an employee. Valets are expected to manage themselves in a manner found acceptable at fine-dining high-end arenas. You’re a professional. Recognize, acquire, then develop the skills needed to deliver the best in valet service and you will be successful and make good money with this organization. We are here to support each other and provide you the tools you need to succeed in this industry, and have fun doing it. Let’s park some cars!

Our success is determined by the quality of service we deliver as professionals. By taking pride in the art of genuine hospitality valets are able to enjoy the workplace, and spread positive energy in the form of valet service. The product we offer is a form of kindness. If being extremely kind to people is not gratifying to you then this is not for you, please leave.

As a group, we promote health and well being amongst ourselves, especially in nutrition and exercise. By taking care of ourselves we are in the best state to be successful.

What We Do

We perform on-site valet-hospitality parking service. We are an insured operation, but the deductible is $5,000. Our product is our service. To put out a good product we are performing a quality service. It starts with: the right attitude. The winning attitude. Observe:

We operate under the brand protection of Open Door Valet / Hospitality, a valet-parkers organization of 10 years founded 2009 by Douglas English. A conscience and harmonious effort..
from the entire organization.. simultaneously and consistently, is what creates the brand value of ODV. When brand value is protected and increased, we attract more opportunities to our network.

Great Service, Everywhere, all the Time.

Great valet service comes from having a great attitude (fun), having pep in our step (energy), a smile on our face (kind) and mastery behind the steering wheel. (skill) Do you have what it takes to be a great valet? If you think you do.. Join us, on our quest for GSEAT as we set out to conquer new realms while while displaying nothing but mastery at home basis. Each individual has a unique style which we just need to put a professional’s touch on. Make sure you understand the Brand Expectations outlined in The Book of Hospitality.

Definitely read the Book of Hospitality. Are you ready to get started? This is how we are going to plug you into our system, so that you can start to see shifts available.

  1. Download App
  2. Set up your account
    a. Real Name
    b. Email
    c. Cellphone
    d. Profile Picture
  3. Search Workspace “ODV Hospitality”
  4. Ask to Join
  5. Once approved: Set Availability
    a. *If you can’t work a particular day make yourself unavailable the whole day verses say 8am – 11pm because it greys the block out on our screen and makes it more obvious for the schedulers
  6. Get used to ‘Request Time off’ feature along with your availability. Make
    sure both remain accurate.

**this is what the schedule screen looks like from the scheduler’s perspective**

Geo-Sensored Clock Ins Management:
Valets are given the tools needed to succeed including this geo-sensored clock in mechanism in order to bill for labor hours, this software tracks them and is geo sensored as well.

As contractors, it’s imperative to keep accurate count of hours worked to ensure client satisfaction and avoid any penalties. When you arrive to an account, locate the ticket stack and then clock in with the starting ticket number in the clock in notes. Any questions feel free to access the valet network slack channels for the account you are currently at for aid or assistance from other valets.

Scheduling (cont.)

  • Make sure proper notifications are set and you get alerts on your phone when scheduled – NOT GETTING ALERTS IS NOT AN EXCUSE, SET THEM UP SO YOU RECEIVE THEM if you miss important communications, don’t expect to keep getting work.
  • Acknowledge shifts, if you can’t work the shift, notify slack channel of account and drop shift, also, tag the account manager. Communication is always key, and it works better in open channels with more of an audience rather than 1 on 1 dialogue.
  • Within 24 hours of a shift we are required to produce a cover or risk a $50 fine.

“Great job, keep it up!”


Slack is our communication software, download the app and you need this link to find ODV.

Take a moment to recognize how speaking in a specific chat room with an audience of 30+ is a far more superior and effective communication mechanism then text messages, dms and phone calls. Our challenge for GSEAT is staying on the same page and this is a tool that helps us as an organization. Please use team channels for any valet-related, account-related conversation, so that we can all be aware, no matter how small the detail, it’s always better to be on the same page and hear from other valets in the network.

Team Channels & Tagging

Once joined to our team, you will have access to every #channel in the company. The default notification setting for slack WON’T alert you for every message, only if someone tags YOU or a channel you are in. So join the channels of accounts you want to be involved with so that you can respond and keep up to date with the state of the service. To add channels:

  • Click the (+) button to ‘add’ channels to your list
  • Pick the channels (accounts) you want to be a part of.
  • Or a manager assigns you to a channel of location you’re needed

Please add this to your notifications

  • Go to settings
  • under My Keywords, add 911


If you would like to get more involved with the company and receive all messages from all channels, you can choose to receive all messages to stay current on what is going on in the company.


Zello is a free walkie talkie app that we use to communicate.

Search: ~OPEN DOOR VALET~ in channels and join.

BONUS: Search ODV for several more account channels

Zello is great because it allows instantaneous communication with many people, simultaneously. When you are in the parking lot and there is an issue or a question, you have tremendous resource at your fingertips, use it. Every account has its own channel, so the more you work the more your channel list will grow.

Important that you have a headset wire w/ mic available
…………………observe >>>>>>>

Should take 2 minutes…

Now… Sign this

Google Drive offers cloud-based, online file organization and storage.

Download Google Drive & Open the app
1. Press the “+” button (bottom right)
2. Create “new folder”
3. “Name” the new folder “(your last name), (your first
4. In folder, press “+
5. Choose “scan
6. Photo your license
7. Rename the photo “(your first name), (your last
name) Ls”
8. Then Add the DocHub contract you just filled out
9. “Share” your folder with

If you followed all these steps correctly you should be properly onboard and ready for training and development! The final step is making sure you like our Facebook Page! Thank you for joining, we look forward to this!